Monday, 16 April 2018

Dryer Vent Cleaning - Understanding Its Importance

Dryer vent cleaning is one of the most commonly ignored maintenance tasks in AU house. There always seems to be a vast number of things that need a homeowner’s attention, including yard maintenance, appliance maintenance, plumbing, electrical and so much more! Too often, homeowners pay dearly when necessary maintenance is neglected. 

The most common appliance maintenance issue often overlooked by homeowners is the clothes dryer and dryer vent system. Almost every single home has a dryer today and with it, the importance of keeping the vents clean is very important. Whether you use an electric or a gas powered dryer, you would have to make sure that the vents are cleaned on a regular basis. In many homes, since the vents are out of sight, their cleaning is largely ignored. 

However, ignoring the vents for too long can actually be quite dangerous. Failure to Roof dryer vent cleaning or other dryers is the number one cause of over 15,000 dryer related fires that occur each year. As heat and moisture are flowing out the dryer ducts, sticky, moist lint gets trapped and builds up. Eventually, air flow is restricted to the point of overheating the system. The dryer throws a spark and ignites the flammable lint.

No matter what brand, type of version of dryer you use at home, Fresh Duct Cleaning’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Services will be able to help people clean the duct work that is inside the walls. We have tools that are able to access the duct work and clear the obstruction. We use special brush and high power vacuum for cleaning out all the debris from the vents. 

Whenever you purchase a new dryer for your clothes, keep in mind the fact that it would need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. With regular cleaning, you would be able to save your home and your family from the risk of fire. Regular cleaning would also increase the efficiency of your machine and would help you save on energy bills.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Air Duct Cleaning

Air channel cleaning is one of those assignments that are anything but difficult to disregard. Truth be told numerous house proprietors can't review the last time they cleaned the air pipes.

 Despite the fact that, the undertaking is once in a while recalled that, it has various advantages. For instance, it enormously chops down the cost of power. It likewise guarantees that your air Evaporative Duct Cleaning a long life expectancy.

Strategies for cleaning air conduits

There are two strategies for cleaning air conduits. One technique is the place a framework is settled inside the ducting to offer suction. To expel tidy particles from within the channel a high-weight air hose is embedded in the ducting.

The other technique makes utilization of a gigantic particular vacuum that is associated with a hosepipe and a brushing framework. The Duct Clieaning Moorabbin is then go through the ducting framework.
The two strategies are extremely viable when they are dealt with by well a prepared individual.

Appropriate cleaning

Appropriate cleaning must include the accompanying: cleaning of all registers inside the ducting, and cleaning of within the ventilating and warming frameworks.
The warming framework ought to be cleaned and in the event that you have a warming pump or an aeration and cooling system, the loops in the framework ought to likewise be Clean Air Vents. To dispose of any microscopic organisms, shape, and clean bugs, you should utilize a purifier.

Exhaustive cleaning of a house must take around 3 to 5 hours contingent upon the span of the home. In spite of the fact that, this is the normal time it takes to clean the warming framework, it may take longer if your home has in excess of one cooling and warming framework, or if the framework is set on the housetop.

Employing a cleaning organization

In the event that you don't have room schedule-wise to clean the pipes alone, you should contract an organization to improve the situation you. You should take note of that about all organizations charge hour rates where the vast majority of the organizations charge around $80 and $120 every hour.
In the event that you discover an organization charging lower rates, you ought to guarantee that legitimate cleaning is finished. This implied registers, curls and fans and within the ventilation work ought to be very much cleaned.


There are numerous air conduit cleaning organizations that give proficient administrations and you have to do is to inquire about the best organization to work with. An expert organization guarantees that the entire procedure is done in a brief timeframe and all pipes are appropriately cleaned.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Secret of Successful How to Clean Air Vents

Most ventilation frameworks in the present home will have air pipes and air vents. You can, for the most part, discover air vents on the roofs of homes, on the floor of numerous homes, on wooden stages, and furthermore in manufactured houses.

As a rule, it is critical to keep any vent perfect and free from soil, as it interacts with the air you relax. Taking in tidy is undesirable and can really make you and your family wiped out. Here are simple strides on how you can keep your home vents clean.

The initial step is to utilize a floor brush to expel tidy from the air vents. The floor brush can likewise be utilized for regions with high air vents, despite the fact that you must know about the clean that falls. 

You may utilize a wipe to substitute for the sweeper to clean high roof vents, however ensure that it is sufficiently clammy keeping in mind the end goal to keep the tidy from falling. The wet surface of the clean takes into consideration simple take hold of the tidy.

At that point, unscrew the air vent cover gradually being watchful of the screws to maintain a strategic distance from them tumbling down the pipe.

You may get a wet cloth and utilize it to wipe within a region of the vent. In the event that you have a vacuum cleaner, this can likewise be utilized inside the vent. In any case, it isn't fitting to go up too high since you may lose some piece of the vacuum cleaner.

You may now clean the air vent cover. On the off chance that the tidy is too thick, the front of your air vents can be cleaned by washing it.

Give it a chance to dry, and afterward, you are prepared to screw it back on. It is likewise imperative to change the air channel once like clockwork, paying little heed to how solid the channel is or how costly it may be.

Bear in mind to clean the other air ventilation cleaning in the house. Typically, the washroom will have a ventilation fan that might possibly require support. Likewise, check for ventilation in the kitchen. A few kitchens will have ductless range hoods that require the channels to supplant intermittently.

The last thing you have to do is to keep the vents free from mess. Abstain from heaping up boxes close air vents or putting furniture straightforwardly finished vents since it can hinder the air and will influence the units to work twice as hard.

Your family will inhale a great deal less demanding will a perfect and well keep up ventilation framework.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tips and Advice For Air Duct Cleaning When And How

When keeping your home clean, you consider washing, tidying, scouring, clearing, wiping, and vacuuming.

Be that as it may, you're missing one fundamental for everybody with a brought together HVAC framework: air channel cleaning.

Here are two reasons why you should spring for an air pipe cleaning administration:

1.Air Quality
. The duct that prompt the vents in your roof blow warm into the living territories of your home.

On the off chance that you or any of the individuals from your family unit experience the ill effects of hypersensitivities or asthma, you'll need to do anything you can to decrease manifestations and increment comfort.

The exact opposite thing you need to do is blow pointless tidy or form into your home. You should consider an air conduit cleaning on the off chance that you see any obvious shape on or inside the surface of the vents, clusters of tidy or discernible flotsam and jetsam originating from the vents, or rat droppings or dead creepy crawlies.

Keep in mind, this is the thing that you and your family are taking in, so you'll need to keep nature as unadulterated as could reasonably be expected. Changing your channel can likewise help decrease these assemble ups in the middle of adjusting.

2. Energy Savings. Development of tidy or garbage can influence your framework to run less proficiently, which can end up costing you cash over the long haul.

Contaminants like earth and form can influence your framework to work harder to create a similar measure of atmosphere control, which could make it wear our initial, decreasing the life expectancy of your framework.

What You Need to Know:

This administration ought to be done each three to five years or somewhere in the vicinity. An air duct cleaning ought to likewise include a careful clearing of grilles, loops, fans, and engines.
You'll need the entire framework to be as free from flotsam and jetsam as could be expected under the circumstances.

Any administration that includes steam or dampness ought to have stayed away from. You surely would prefer not to chance to develop (more) form.

You likewise don't need any sealants or showers in your conductors. Keep in mind, the fact of the matter is to expand the virtue of the air, and these may contain unsafe chemicals.

How to Choose a Company:

While picking an organization to play out this work, ensure they are guaranteed, yet not by the EPA, which doesn't give this kind of confirmation.

Call around to get a few appraisals to ensure you're getting the best cost. Ensure the organization gives you a chance to confirm the outcomes.

The professionals ought to enable you to review their work upon culmination, either face to face or through video.

At long last, ensure you check the references of anybody you permit in your home. On the off chance that they've completed a great job previously, they're probably going to complete a great job later on.
You need to keep your home and its condition as unadulterated as could be expected under the circumstances.

In the event that you've as of late redesigned, had an irritation invasion, saw shape around vents, or in the event that somebody in your family unit has had a sensitivity or asthma erupt, you'll need to investigate a fresh duct cleaning.

What may cost a smidgen in advance could spare you cash later on.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Are your Air Ducts Leaking? Methods to fix this Problem….

When there is problem of leakage in air ducts then it can be very problematic problem. The leaks can contribute to a whole host and it can cost you money and compromise your health. So at that time it should be necessary for you that your air ducts should be sealed immediately which helps to eliminate opportunities for harmful airborne contaminants to enter your ducts and posing a risk to your health. When these ducts are sealed then it helps to conserve home heating and cooling costs by reducing unnecessary energy loss. When your air ducts should be sealed then it should be ensure that your ducts are free from damage and other contaminants. It will also help to improve air quality and the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. It is also best option for you that your air ducts should be professionally cleaned annually. There are several basic maintenance steps you can perform on your own. Catching small problems before they become larger issues will ultimately save you money in repair work and keep professional inspections to a minimum. On the other side when your family is suffered with leaking ducts then it will also affect your family’s comfort and your bottom line, and in many cases you can fix the problem on your own. It will also depressurize your home, which causes air to pull in from outside and also lead unwanted odors and gases.


·         In that case you have to provide priority to Mastic; it is a material which is used to sealing loose connections in your ductwork. In that case, firstly you have to prepare the surface first before applying the mastic sealant. In this method you have followed the directions on the container and also use a plastic putty knife, stiff paintbrush, or something similar to apply the material. The mastic should be about as thick as a quarter or nickel.

·         You have also use aluminum foil tape and which is very effective for leaks on a flat surface where two pieces of metal are joined together. Before you do anything you have to grab your rag and at that time you have to make sure that the area is clean before applying foil tape. After that you have to clean the surface, simply place a strip of the aluminum foil tape over the leak and a paint brush to seal it. Use the mastic sealant for leak areas that would be difficult to close with the foil tape.

Another option is that you have also hired professional duct sealing experts. They have ability to diagnosing and sealing air ducts and also assure that both energy efficiency and air quality improve. At Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne, we have highly trained technicians and also equipped with the knowledge and skill to fix air duct the first time. After that we also test  another ducts in your home and we’ll use the best professional equipment to seal up the entire ventilation system.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Fresh Duct Cleaning provide Healthy Indoor Air by Cleaning Your Duct

Regular cleaning of your air ducts will remove pollutant like dust, dander, and other airborne pollutants from your home. For those suffering from allergies or asthma, the quality of the air in your home is of even greater importance. If you regular cleaning of duct then it should effect the overall environment of your house and it is important when you are suffer from respiratory conditions, smoke indoors, have multiple house pets, or complete a remodeling project.

Our Fresh Duct Cleaning Melbourne specializes in air duct cleaning for less than you think. Our entire team is committed to meeting all the needs which is required for air duct cleaning. Our mission is to provide our customers with the cleanest indoor air quality at an affordable cost and efficient quality. We guarantee the entire air duct is cleaned from top to bottom, including the coils and drain pan. We can also help to prevent air leaks by repairing and sealing ducts and adding air sealing and insulation. 

Benefits of Clean Air Duct:-

  • In our daily routine mould and fungi produce unpleasant odours that enter your living spaces through air ducts. Perspiration and food odours also can cling to dust clusters and permeate the air around you. When you clean your air duct properly then it will not only clean your air duct properly but also protect you and your family from health diseases. 

  • Your house’s HVAC system will run more efficiently after clean your air duct professionally and our team has provided their duct work cleanings service. That means you not only get cooled air in your home but since you put less strain on your AC unit, you will also enjoy lower utility bills.

  • By survey of all houses our company analyses that indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Air duct cleaning by our company can remove airborne contaminates such as bacteria, fungus, mould spores, pet dander & pollen which may help to alleviate allergy & asthma symptoms.

  • Air duct cleaning creates a more comfortable environment and promotes well-being. Even among the most healthy, dust and pollutants entering the nose and lungs can trigger sneezing and coughing, as well as sinus and bronchial congestion.

If you see your dust clinging to the vent covers, give us a call and one of our trained professionals will be on hand to clean your dirty air ducts in no time. If dust and debris are blocking the airflow, then you want to make sure that your air duct is cleaned promptly.